Environmental Achievement

Sponsored by Taylor Maxwell 

The TTJ Environmental Achievement Award recognises and promotes the industry’s ever-improving environmental performance. It is open to any company in the timber and associated industries that can show demonstrable, evidence-backed improvement in their environmental performance in the 18 months from January 2023 to June 2024.

This can range from waste and emission reduction to special achievements in environmental certification.

The Award is also open to new products, processes or services, which result in an environmental benefit to the timber industry.

Please provide documentation that displays a clear description of the achievement, product, service, or process with a full explanation of its environmental benefits. Technical data and background on the development of products and services and their commercial success in the market could also be included as part of an entry.

Please include a minimum of two images or other illustrations to support the submission (no more than five). Images must be labelled: “TTJ Environmental Achievement Award – Company name”

Please send the completed entry form and supporting documents and images to: